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Our job is to assist people thoroughly when it comes to door locksets. That is why we created this locksmith FAQ page. It is designed to provide practical and highly useful information to everyone who seeks even higher security for people and property. Read all the content shared here for maximum benefit.

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Are locks of different doors different?

There are always some variations among locks designed for main doors, furniture, sliding doors or emergency exits. They will even determine how the door will open – take for example the knob or lever handle locks. Sliding doors might have push buttons and a rod extending upwards and downwards. Choose the locks in accordance to the door.

Why should I not just buy my locks at a hardware store and install it myself?

Products that are typically sold in retail hardware stores are residential or generally low-quality meant to increase profits for the retailer and manufacturer. Higher quality keys and locks that are sold by most locksmiths offer pick and drill resistance, protection against unauthorized duplication and access control options.

Does my office need a master key system?

This type of system is designed to give you a higher level of security and safety. In its simplest form, it has one master key for all locks and an individual key for each lock which works only with it. However, if you have a large company with multiple departments, it is possible to create multiple system levels and sections.

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