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Common Weaknesses in Home Security

07/11/2015 Back To Blog

Even if the crime rate in your neighborhood is low, you would not want to leave your home vulnerable to burglar and vandal attacks. It is common for homeowners to believe that they have taken all required measures for security while the opposite is true. Find out what you may be missing especially when it comes to door locks and keys.Common Weaknesses in Home Security

Filling the Gaps

When exterior door locksets are in poor condition, the risk of a successful break-in attempt is much higher. If you notice rust or corrosion, loose screws, malfunctioning cylinder, strike plate damage or any other issue, you must get the problem fixed right away. With timely lock repair, you will not only protect your house better. You can save money on replacement too. You should not underestimate the importance of maintenance. As long as you clean and lubricate locksets twice a year, they will be in good condition and operate properly for longer. Make sure that you run inspections as well. Make sure to check the condition of your keys.

It is common for people to keep valuable items such as gardening tools and hobby equipment in outbuildings like garden sheds, which are usually not very secure. While padlocks do a good job in providing protection, it is best to opt for mortise or at least rim lock installation. The set or sets that you select must be perfectly weather resistant. They require regular maintenance just like the exterior house locksets. Similarly, even if you have a garage door opener, you should certainly consider adding a mechanical lock to the garage door for making it more secure. 

The next question that you should ask yourself is whether there are other potential entryways for thieves apart from the doors. The windows on the first floor of the house are highly vulnerable to attacks. Even if you maintain them in good condition and they can be closed perfectly, it is best if you have locks installed on them as well. The professionals of Locksmith Cloverleaf recommend that you use them effectively after the setup.

Most homeowners tend to underestimate the importance of internal locks. The reality is that they serve as effective barriers to thieves that have managed to get into the house. You should definitely have reliable locksets on the doors of rooms where you keep valuables such as the master bedroom. You should make full use of cabinet locks as well since they can also deter or at least slow down burglars. It is best if you keep jewelry and important documents behind locked cabinet doors. If these items are of very high value, you should consider home safe installation. These devices are much more affordable now than they used to be a decade or so ago.

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